Art on Wheels

«Art on Wheels» er en ny samtidskunst-produksjon for barn og unge utviklet i samarbeid med kunstnere fra Latvia og Norge i samproduksjon med latviske barn og unge. I løpet av høsten 2022 og våren 2023 er to «vans» forvandlet til galleri og workshop-space som fra april 2023 er på turne i Latvia og Norge.

Fargefabrikken samarbeider med NOASS kunstsenter som er en av de eldste kunst og kulturorganisasjonene i Latvia. Sammen har vi utviklet en utstilling med et formidlingsprogram som utforsker og viser kreativt mangfold.

De fire nye kunstverkene er tverrfaglige og innovative verk. Utstillings-kurator Sandra Ķempele sier: «Med dette prosjektet ønsker vi å skape en kreativ, aktiv og inspirerende opplevelse for barn og unge i møte med kunst. Vi skal fremme tilgjengeligheten av visuell kunst utenfor hovedstaden i Latvia. Prosjektet er dialogbasert og involverer barn og unge i kunstproduksjons-prosessen. Kunstnerne og elevene/studentene samarbeider i hele prosessen og tar opp temaer som er viktige for barn og unge.»

Hva skjer i prosjektet? Art on Wheels reiser nå rundt i regionene i Latvia og besøker skoler og festivaler. Art on Wheels er en interaktiv utstilling med et kreativt verksted. Besøkende får muligheten til å bli bedre kjent med bruken av teknologi i kunst. Art on Wheels har også vært på tur til Norge, til Fredrikstad Animation Festival og Galleri F 15 i 19.-22. oktober 2023.

Tre kunstnere fra Latvia og en fra Norge deltar i prosjektet. Kunstnerne har samarbeidet med barn fra to pilot-skoler og laget nye kunstverk i ulike medier. Vandreutstillingen ledsages av et pedagogisk program som fremmer barnas kreativitet på en uformell, støttende og inspirerende måte. I produksjonsperioden er det også arrangert seminarer til lærere. Tema var prosjektets prosess og metoder, hvordan bruke samtidskunst i undervisning.


  • 4 unike og innovative kunstverk skapt sammen med elever
  • 2 seminarer for lærere
  • et godt gjennomtenkt utdanningsprogram for publikumsutvikling som vil oppmuntre til kreativitet i den digitale tidsalderen
  • en ny og tilpasningsdyktig måte å presentere kunst på i form av omreisende minibusser
  • fra april 2023 besøk til 50 skoler i Latvia i tillegg til ulike festivaler og 2 besøk i Norge; Fredrikstad Animation Festival og Galleri F15 (i oktober 2023).

«Art on Wheels» er et prosjekt finansiert av det europeiske økonomiske samarbeidsområdet (EEA) tilskuddsprogrammet «Lokal utvikling, fattigdomsreduksjon og kulturelt samarbeid». 

About the exhibition:

“Sensing Waves” by Norwegian artist Oda Bremnes.

The installation consists of kinetic sculptures, sound and interactive video. Motion-responsive radio antennas are like sensory organs to perceive the world. Radio antennas represent the fusion of the energy of the surrounding world at specific points where invisible physical realities are perceived. Electromagnetic waves interact with radio signals of man-made technologies. Incorporating sensory technologies and immersive media, the world of the senses, electromagnetic waves, and motion-based bodily experiences is connected to the radio antennas. 

Oda Bremnes is a new-generation artist whose field of research is the omnipresence of technology. She works with interactive video installations, sound, and electronics. The artists` interest in technology is closely related to ideas about sensing supernatural forces and the ability of devices to resemble living creatures. Bremnes has a master degree in fine arts from Bergen Academy of Contemporary Art, University of Bergen.

“New Trajectories” by Latvia artist Jurģis Peters

The artwork by Peters alternates between physical reality and imaginary scenarios of the future where beings created by artificial intelligence (AI) play an increasingly important role. Using the experience of new media (VR and artificial intelligence) artist Jurģis Peters worked with students and various types of protest in the development of the artwork. He held three master classes in cooperation with the students of Jūrmal, a State Gymnasium. They explored the idea of protest in a futuristic context. A person enters a speculative sphere in which beings of artificial intelligence have become self-aware and, naturally, begin to protest against the norm and for respect of their rights. In a VR experience, the viewer begins their journey in a scanned 3D environment that resembles the physical surroundings of the work. After a short walk, the viewer is allowed to rise and fly through the physical realm, entering an interspace where point clouds with scans of protesting youths become individual star systems and cosmic objects. Continuing upwards, the viewer eventually enters a futuristic fusion of worlds where dynamic visions of the future are created as AI beings appear and disappear. The visual experience is complemented by a unique soundtrack created by layering available sounds found on the web, field recording archives, and sounds created by the author.

Jurģis Peters is a new media artist who studied digital media technologies and cyber security at the University of Birmingham. He obtained a master degree in audiovisual arts at the Art Academy of Latvia. In his works, he uses virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies and focuses on the research and application of artificial intelligence

“Youth Camouflage” by Zahars Ze

The artwork is a series of illustrations created by the artist and designer Zahars Ze and the students of Jūrmala State Gymnasium. The theme is young people’s everyday life. The means of graphic expression included in the design of the body of the minibus (point, line, square) form a disguise pattern similar to camouflage. Geometric elements and contrasting colours reveal how a disguise helps to adapt to the environment, hide, and protect oneself. The illustrations reveal situations and feelings that characterize young peoples free time, friends and objects without which their everyday life is unimaginable. 

Zahars Ze is an artist and designer from Riga who works with ceramic paints, wood, and other materials. Working interdisciplinary, he creates illustrations, murals, sculptures and works with ceramics. Ze obtained a master’s degree in graphics at the art Academy of Latvia.

“Architect of the Changing Universe” by Eva Vēvere

“Architect of the Changing Universe” is an interactive installation which presents art through play by visual artist Eva Vēvere. Every moment new civilizations arise, old ones decay and disappear without leaving a trace. We are in constant motion and the desire to start something new and deconstruct the old never ends. Any guest at the exhibition playground will become a part of this process – history does not try to leave traces. Everything changes in hours, minutes and seconds. Built cities are always in transformation. When one structure seems complete, another takes its place. When entering the game, the visitor is the architect of the changing universe – bridges, connections, gaps, topography and buildings, the silence between thoughts, and story – all are under the control of the players. By entering this universe, the player will leave his mark but the next visitor will be able to change this and then again only for a while until the next visitor stop by.

Eva Vēvere is a visual artist and the author of international art projects. The artist creates installations, drawings, videos, art education projects, workshops, and interactive, performative projects in which the viewer’s involvement is an important part of the work. She has been working with Poetic Robotism projects, in cooperation with Laura Prikule organizing exhibitions with various Latvian art institutions and independent curators. In recent years, she has been working with contemporary music and professional dancers in the Baltic and Nordic countries.